Here are some of the articles I've had published on the net:

Painless Grammar Workshop: Originally presented in an on-line workshop, these articles are for those who slept through eighth-grade English.
Capturing the Wily Adverb

In part one of the workshop, we hunt the wily adverb and learn how to spot them, how to use them, and how not to abuse them.

Dangerously Dangling Participles

In part two of the workshop, we examine an often unintended source of humor—the dangling participle.

Humor and Musings: Essays about writing, life, and whatever has struck my fancy.
Writing Ritual

A tounge-in-cheek essay on how I tried to establish the perfect writing ritual.

Threads and Connections

This essay, in which I muse on how the web connects us, was originally published on a now-dead site called Shyflower's Garden.

Butts and Bellies

A different perspective on attending parties.

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