What services do I provide?


I'll correct errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. If you have a preferred stylesheet, I'll make sure the document adheres to it; otherwise, I can use my own. Different "flavours" of English don't faze me—I've edited for authors from the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and South Africa.


With copyediting, you get proofreading, plus I'll suggest improvements in sentence structure, word choice, clarity, organization, and logic.


Instead of suggesting changes for you to make to your document, I can take your draft document and rework it for you.

Manuscript Evaluation

I'll read your partial or complete manuscript and provide a report discussing writing style, clarity, and logic. For fiction, the report will cover characterization, point of view, pacing, and plot consistency. For non-fiction, the report will cover tone, structure, and appropriateness for the intended audience.


Need to verify that your eighteenth-century character isn't using slang from the 1830s? Want details about the interests and affiliations of the board members who will be reviewing your grant request? Need to know the costs and features of competitive products so you can show yours in the best light? Have an article that needs to be fact-checked? I can conduct interviews and perform on-line and library-based research.


Give me your source materials (or a topic you'd like me to research), and I will create copy that gets your message across to your audience in the tone and style you want.


Whether you need your manuscript formatted to meet submission guidelines or want materials prepared for electronic or print publication, I can wrangle your document into shape. I can prepare e-book files in various formats; resize images; manage white space and widow/orphan lines; and create indices, tables of contents, and glossaries.


Although words are my forte, I can design timelines, flowcharts, and family tree diagrams for print or for display on web pages and e-books. I can also create web pages—or an entire website.

What types of documents do I write or edit?

Here are some of the types of documents I've created or edited for my clients:


Résumés, query letters, synopses, essays, articles, short stories, author bios, book jacket copy, summaries for catalogues, partial manuscripts, completed manuscripts, preview excerpt booklets, web pages, family tree charts, press releases


Letters, annual reports, employee/partner newsletters, customer newsletters (paper and email), corporate profiles, press releases, training manuals, marketing and technical white papers, on-line help, reference guides, user manuals, tutorials, web pages, brochures


Fundraising letters (paper or email), brochures, grant proposals, web pages, press releases, newsletters

Have a project that's not listed above? Don't worry—with very few exceptions, if it's got words in it and is written in English, I can work on it. I'm always happy to expand my repertoire.

How much do I charge?

Depending on the type of work, I charge between $30 and $90 per hour. Each project is different, so I've found that per-page or per-word rate structures don't work well. I offer discounts to returning customers and non-profit organizations.

How do you engage my services?

Send me an email explaining your project. Tell me what services you want, how long your document is (or if I'm writing it, how long you want it to be), who your audience is, what your deadline is, etc. If it's an editing or formatting job, attach a representative excerpt of your document. I'll review your email and respond with any questions. Once I have a clear understanding of the project, I'll prepare an estimate, along with a free sample: an edit or evaluation of a short excerpt, a paragraph or two of writing, a sample page of formatting, a portion of a chart or diagram.

If you like the sample and the quote, let me know, and we'll discuss scheduling and make arrangements for me to get all needed materials from you. I'm happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement if requested. For editing, rewriting, evaluation, and formatting projects, once I have your entire document, I'll send you a firm quote for the project. For writing and design projects, I'll send you a quote for the creation of the document, an explanation of how much revision work is included, and the rate for additional revisions.

I'll send you an invoice for half the quote and will begin working when I receive payment. When the job is complete, I'll send you an invoice for the second half along with the finished project. I can accept checks, money orders, POP payments, and PayPal.

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