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me, July 2004

Mild-mannered freelance writer, editor, and consultant by day (PSFB is my consulting business), by night I am a wild and wanton er... umm... well, actually, I'm rather mild-mannered by night, too.

However, no matter what anyone says, I don't diagram sentences just for fun.

Honestly, I haven't done that for years and years.

When I'm not on the hunt for dangling participles or "As you know, Bob"-isms, I can often be found playing board games such as Tigris & Euphrates and Vinci and card games such as and Tichu. I also enjoy curling up with a good book, watching baseball (moreso when the Seattle Mariners aren't forgetting how to play), and cooking and eating foods from all over the world.

I enjoy traveling and have been to many places in the US and abroad. Often, I manage to arrange my trips so they coincide with a science fiction convention or a visit to theme parks with roller coasters—sometimes both.

I am disabled and use a nifty power wheelchair. I have studied Japanese, played drums and handbells (no, not at the same time), and gone snorkeling and scuba diving. My home is near Seattle, Washington, USA, but I also spend time in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

For more details, see my résumé.

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